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Unitrends Introduces Industry's First Rapid Recovery System For Small, Mid-Sized Businesses; Data, Application, Operating System Recovery Helps Companies Get "Back In Business"

COLUMBIA, SC – Unitrends™ (, a pioneer in the development of Business Systems Continuity solutions, today announced the availability of its Rapid Recovery System™, a revolutionary step forward in helping small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) quickly regain access to the information that keeps them in business when their computer servers crash.

While the world's largest companies have been able to design and implement full-scale, multi-million dollar disaster recovery solutions for their computer systems for some time, the ability to deliver similar capabilities to SMEs has been consistently overlooked and remains a costly problem. Data from numerous studies confirm this point:

  • A recent International Data Corporation (August 2005) study found that fewer than half of all mid-sized organizations in North America have a business continuity plan in place.
  • Another study revealed that 58 percent of all respondents ranked the potential of data center hardware or software failure as an "extreme" threat to their firms.
  • The Wall Street Journal reports 43 percent of enterprises that sustain a major data loss never reopen.
  • A study from Pepperdine University estimates the total cost of lost data in the United States at $18.2 billion annually, and calls that estimate "conservative."
  • The same study estimates that more than six of every ten computer system failures are due to hardware/software failure, or computer viruses; three of every ten failures, it says, are caused by human error.
  • Disaster Recovery Journal pegs the cost of average hourly revenue lost from downtime at $78,000, with an average of 355 worker hours lost for each hour of unscheduled downtime.

Unitrends' Rapid Recovery System is the first of its kind, specifically aimed at small and mid-sized enterprises, and designed to solve this costly business challenge at a price starting at less than $5,000. It is unique, integrating a complete range of technology that provides cost-effective Business Systems Continuity benefits for small and mid-sized enterprises. The Rapid Recovery System predictably and reliably recovers entire computer systems, including operating systems, applications and application data within minutes through a simple approach. While sophisticated enough that it supports the recovery of an entire system, it also allows for the easy recovery of a single data file or individual email.

Unitrends' family of multi-OS, high-speed Rapid Recovery appliances, like its Data Protection Units (DPUs™) and Data Protection Vaults (DPVs™) are at the core of the company's strategy. Working together, they enable rapid on-site or offsite recovery of systems and data. The DPUs and DPVs can be easily configured and expanded to meet the ever-growing needs of SMEs.

"Unitrends is first and alone in producing such a comprehensive system that delivers the full range of Business Systems Continuity benefits with the speed, security and simplicity that SMEs demand today," said Arun Taneja, founder of the Taneja Group, an industry analysis and consulting group based in Hopkinton, Mass. "Server and system crashes due to natural, manmade or electronic disasters happen every day; fast, one-step recovery is the answer that's been needed, especially at companies with limited IT staff." Taneja noted that Unitrends' Rapid Recovery System helps companies get back in business, by recovering the data, the applications and the operating system within minutes, calling it a major achievement. The fact that Unitrends has delivered an integrated, appliance-based system that even small and mid-sized companies can afford and easily manage is remarkable, he said.

Unitrends' Rapid Recovery System consists of a complete range of key technologies, including its newly introduced Continuous System Protection℠, and enhanced AES-256 data encryption, that install easily and work without requiring constant attention from IT personnel. Those technologies and capabilities include:

  • High-speed, disk-based data protection
  • Data backup software
  • High performance data compression
  • Support across more than 25 operating systems
  • Point-in-time recovery
  • Electronic data vaulting for offsite protection
  • OS, application and file state imaging
  • Application-specific recovery support
  • Integrated solution from one vendor

When fully implemented, Unitrends' Rapid Recovery System enables small and mid-sized enterprises to employ a complete Business Systems Continuity strategy, allowing them to protect their systems on-site when servers crash, as well as to electronically ship the data offsite for recovery in case of a site failure, eliminating the need for tape-based backup.

"We must have the capability to quickly recover our systems in minutes, instead of hours," said Ed Laurence, business continuity director at Alstom Power ECS, a global leader in air pollution control systems, with corporate headquarters in Paris, France. "We must have the ability to implement a system that's already assembled that we know will work from the first day. Unitrends' Rapid Recovery System offers us advantages that we simply could not afford before. Now, we can't afford to be without such a solution."

"We know that at some point, one or more of our computer systems will fail," said Kevin Hughes, business continuity manager at Sharonview Federal Credit Union in Charlotte, NC. "Storing information on tape that we need to recover that system, applications and data within minutes no longer makes any sense. Unitrends' Rapid Recovery System, with its Continuous System Protection, assures us that the information we need to be back in business will be available within minutes, through a point-in-time recovery." Hughes noted that he can still use his existing tape systems with the Rapid Recovery System to archive older data and information.

About Unitrends
Founded in 1989, Unitrends is a pioneer in the protection of corporate-critical data and a leader in business recovery solutions. Unitrends provides powerful backup, recovery and complete data-protection products and services that are cross-platform, scalable and simple to use. More information on Unitrends is available from the company's website,, or by calling 803.454.0300.

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